About Me

Mission Statement

At Defiance Health & Fitness, I believe in guiding and encouraging clients to achieve their health and fitness goals through personalised 1:1 training. My mission is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where clients can feel comfortable and confident to push their limits and defy their expectations. I am committed to delivering proven results and helping clients become the best version of themselves.

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My Story

Defiance Health & Fitness was founded because I wanted to create a gym that was welcoming, supportive, and effective. I also wanted it to be a space where we can have some fun and a laugh.   I believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, or experience. I have built a community of clients who are dedicated to improving their health and wellbeing, and who know that their happiness is my main priority.

What My Clients Say

A huge thank you to Rob! 

Last week I had a fitness breakdown, ready to give up. Rob’s words of wisdom and encouragement gave me the kick up the butt I needed to push through. This week after three sessions I feel like a different person mentally!

Thanks so much Rob for the push that I needed to keep going! YOU ROCK!

Emma B

I am so lucky to have found Defiance! I have never felt more at ease with a personal trainer. Rob has taught me so much in the short period of time I have been a member and I appreciate all the support I get from him to reach my goals. I look forward to our sessions and learning all new exercises. Rob is always there to offer me advice on my nutrition which is a huge help. Would recommend to everyone!

Jacs M

A year ago Phillip and I DID start with you guys (YAY!!! 🎉)…those first few weeks hurt like hell and highlighted just how unfit we were 😣😧. By 24th January we had also managed to give up smoking (again but this time for the final time).

We often reflect back and are thankful for making that decision to start, we’re healthier, fitter, stronger & happier than we’ve ever been 👍😀💪 — feeling thankful.

Samantha C